As an Indigenous owned company, we hold a strong philosophy to empower disadvantaged Indigenous people through employment, which is not a handout but instead a hand up. Most unemployed people living in poverty have numerous barriers to gaining employment through the mainstream processes. Whereas working for Carbon Offsets Australia, working on land, with no previous skills necessary and no judgements on previous life mistakes, is an opportunity to offer an easy entry into full-time and sustainable jobs.

Our Management has a genuine desire to help our people break the poverty cycle by creating jobs that provide a hard day’s work for a good day’s pay. This is an invaluable tool that empowers the once lost individuals who are carrying the sense of hopelessness into believing they have a future and they are worthy members of society. 

This shift in the mindset has been proven to be a powerful tool in improving the mental health and self-esteem of once poverty-stricken people. Earning an income as a contributing member of society has a positive flow on affect to all other individuals around that person, who now has a purpose to their day, an above award-rate income that is not welfare based and a sense of pride that he/she is now a valued member of an important workforce carrying out important work to improve the health of their land and their environment.

Some of other benefits are listed here:

  • Providing employment opportunities for long term and disadvantaged Indigenous people through our partnership with the Carbon Culture workforce
  • Providing Indigenous people with multiple barriers to employment and easy entry job opportunities to earn an above award rate, many of whom may never have been employed before creating long term and sustainable job opportunities, in regional locations where there are high unemployment numbers due to no work being available
  • Providing a poverty circuit breaker for disadvantaged Indigenous people who want to break the cycle of welfare to become respected, worthy and contributing members of society
  • Improved self-esteem, confidence, social skills, purpose and quality of life, mental health issues, depression and the like which are all proven by-products of poverty and long-term unemployment
  • Increase of Indigenous kids attending school, increasing educational outcomes, improved health outcomes, better nutrition, increased involvement in sport and community activities due to parents earning a good income to enable all these elements to occur
  • Providing on the job training for the unskilled labour to encourage the further education and training pathways which will be relevant to working on our projects, on the land e.g. horticulture, nursery operations, environmental qualifications and wildlife qualifications among many others
  • The commitment of sponsorship contributions to the NFP Desire to Aspires’ Driving Force Academy program. Carbon Offsets Australia has committed to sponsoring 350 of the targeted 700 drivers licenses to be provided to disadvantaged youth each year. It has been a well-researched fact that the lack of a driver’s license leads to long term unemployment, which leads to an increased chance of imprisonment, substance abuse, disengagement and a lifelong dependence on welfare. Carbon Offsets Australia is a strong supporter of such practical and tangible programs which provides a real outcome, being the driver’s license.

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