Our Impact

Our marketplace of environmentally aware individuals and corporate clients engage with us to provide them with the desired amount of carbon offsets to enable them to become carbon neutral. 

We do this by gaining access to land, which is usually degraded in some way, then planning large scale soil regeneration projects, followed by a mass revegetation stage to bring back the biodiversity and carbon sequestration properties that were lost over time as a result of over farming, desalination, desertification and the like. 

The carbon offset units are calculated on a forecasted basis, depending on what methodologies are to be used, where the land is, plant species to be planted and other factors. Our customers will nominate the amount of CO2 per tonnes they would like to offset, we then deliver accordingly.

As these projects are large scale and we’re an Indigenous owned company, it is only a natural part of our mission to create long term employment for many Indigenous people, who may have numerous barriers to gaining employment under normal circumstances. With a long and successful history in creating Indigenous employment opportunities, the management is committed to and have the capacity to ensure all our projects are 100% Indigenous delivered, wherever they maybe across Australia. 

Carbon Offsets Australia have a partnership with the not-for-profit Desire to Aspire, which is an Indigenous founded charitable organisation to support disadvantaged Indigenous youth. The workforce on the ground, needed to plant millions of trees and other critical jobs, will be provided by Desire to Aspire from their own database of Indigenous people desperately seeking paid work.

As each forest project is approved, it will be added to this page for the benefit of our customers who can see where and how their offsets are being produced.

Our Forests

Our forests are planted using native plants from the area and are planted on soil or land that has been degraded from salination or over-farming, and the like. Our forests are usually at a large scale to maximise the tonnage of CO2 that can produce.

Our Projects

Our projects are pre-funded from individuals and corporate clients who have either purchased their required number of tonnes of CO2 direct from the website or under a contract if the required tonnage is a large amount. We deliver our projects in partnership with the NFP organisation Desire to Aspire who provide their localised Indigenous workforces by the name of Carbon Culture.


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We can offset from 1 tonne of CO2 to multiple millions of tonnes of CO2 on your behalf. Whether you’re an individual or a multinational company, we are your workforce on the ground to get the job done.

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