If you are an individual who would like to do something now, something tangible and something meaningful to help the environment you are on the right website!

 Whenever you offset your emissions with us, you are joining a passionate community of like-minded people who believe in practical action on climate change whilst creating additional social co-benefits.

 Make your contribution to a greener future now by offsetting your carbon emissions for your whole carbon footprint or individual items such as cars, motorbikes, flights etc, which can be done here.

At the end of the process, when you have purchased your carbon offsets, you will have the option to share your actions by promoting it on our social media platforms. If you choose this option, you can then reshare our post to encourage your friends and family to take the same action.

To combat climate change we need everyone to be aware of the problem and to make every day conscious efforts and decisions in how to help combat climate change. What better way to do this than by promoting your contribution to help combat climate change by using social media to spread the word and to encourage others to do the same.

For a Step by Step explanation of how our carbon offset process works, click here.

Benefits of Offsetting


Our projects are addressing the global problem of climate change, mostly due to carbon dioxide levels today are higher than at any point in at least the past 800,000 years. Rising carbon dioxide concentrations, which is a greenhouse gas, is driving global heating, causing the planet to heat up. The degree to which temperatures go up will depend in part on how much more carbon humans release into the atmosphere in the future.


As an Indigenous owned company, we hold a strong philosophy to empower disadvantaged Indigenous people through employment, which is not a handout but instead a hand up. Most unemployed people living in poverty have numerous barriers to gaining employment through the mainstream processes. Whereas working for Carbon Offsets Australia, working on land, with no previous skills necessary and no judgements on previous life mistakes, is an opportunity to offer an easy entry into full-time and sustainable jobs.


There are so many economic outcomes are that are achieved through our projects.


Take Action:
Offset Your Emissions Now

We can offset from 1 tonne of CO2 to multiple millions of tonnes of CO2 on your behalf. Whether you’re an individual or a multinational company, we are your workforce on the ground to get the job done.

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