Why plant native trees?

Planting native trees provides a wide range of environmental benefits.

Native trees:

  • improve the environmental value of your land
  • provide shade, wind breaks and shelterbelts for livestock
  • improve soil quality and reduce erosion
  • enhance water quality and reduce salinity
  • protect our unique biodiversity
  • recreate habitat for native wildlife and endangered species
  • help fight the impacts of climate change by absorbing carbon emissions
  • ensure a greener future for our next generation.

What do I need to know?

From planning to planting, our passionate team has a strategic, hands-on approach to delivering high quality revegetation projects.
If your project is approved to go ahead, Carbon Offsets Australia will undertake the following activities at no cost to you:

  • selecting and sourcing native seedlings and seed
  • standard site preparation
  • planting
  • maintaining the forest until it is established

You will maintain full ownership of the land. We just claim the carbon emissions absorbed by the growing forest.

Benefits of Offsetting


Our projects are addressing the global problem of climate change, mostly due to carbon dioxide levels today are higher than at any point in at least the past 800,000 years. Rising carbon dioxide concentrations, which is a greenhouse gas, is driving global heating, causing the planet to heat up. The degree to which temperatures go up will depend in part on how much more carbon humans release into the atmosphere in the future.


As an Indigenous owned company, we hold a strong philosophy to empower disadvantaged Indigenous people through employment, which is not a handout but instead a hand up. Most unemployed people living in poverty have numerous barriers to gaining employment through the mainstream processes. Whereas working for Carbon Offsets Australia, working on land, with no previous skills necessary and no judgements on previous life mistakes, is an opportunity to offer an easy entry into full-time and sustainable jobs.


There are so many economic outcomes are that are achieved through our projects.


If you are an individual who would like to do something now, something tangible and something meaningful to help the environment you are on the right website!

 Whenever you offset your emissions with us, you are joining a passionate community of like-minded people who believe in practical action on climate change whilst creating additional social co-benefits.


Carbon Offsets Australia is passionate about building partnerships with corporate companies, especially those that have high carbon emissions. We will work with you to ensure your environmental and corporate social responsibility goals are achieved.

By partnering with Carbon Offsets Australia, you will be supporting native biodiverse forest projects in Australia whilst providing long term, sustainable jobs for many disadvantaged Indigenous people on country.


If you are a landowner, we can plant native trees on your property and help revegetate your land.

For approved projects, Carbon Offsets Australia, will supply and plant the trees and your project will be funded by individual and corporate offset purchasers.

Desire To Aspire (NFP)

Carbon Offset Australia has chosen the not-for-profit organisation, Desire to Aspire (D2A), as our charity partner. You can find out more about D2A here, who are always in need of support: www.desiretoaspire.com.au

The Indigenous workforce that is required to plant millions of trees each year, around Australia, will be provided through D2A’s workforce called Carbon Culture.

Carbon Culture Workforce

If you’re an Indigenous person who has struggled to find work and you wish to register to join the Carbon Culture Workforce, you will need to do so on the Desire to Aspire website.

You will need to consider the work will be on regional and remote properties, with the likelihood of needing to camp on those properties for 5 days at a time with a 2-day break over the weekends.


Take Action:
Offset Your Emissions Now

We can offset from 1 tonne of CO2 to multiple millions of tonnes of CO2 on your behalf. Whether you’re an individual or a multinational company, we are your workforce on the ground to get the job done.

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