If you are a landowner, we can plant native trees on your property and help revegetate your land.

For approved projects, Carbon Offsets Australia, will supply and plant the trees and your project will be funded by individual and corporate offset purchasers.

Carbon Offsets Australia will consult with experts to plant the best biodiverse native reforestation projects on your property. We will plant forests anywhere in Australia to address the impacts of climate change and to do that we will work with private landowners, farmers, councils and national park agencies to plant millions of native trees.

We would especially like to hear from Indigenous landowners of ALT leases, pastoral leases or Native Title Holders who have ownership of land. As an Indigenous owned company, we would welcome the opportunity to partner with you to provide economic benefits to the local community with employment whilst improving the biodiversity and native vegetation on your land.

Indigenous landowners get in contact with Joanne directly here.

Is my property suitable?

We are looking for landowner’s keen to see native trees planted on their property from now onwards.

The potential planting area should be:

  • a minimum of 10 hectares
  • clear, or mostly clear, of native vegetation
  • suitable for protecting the trees over time on title

Please note that these are guidelines only. Carbon Offsets Australia may also consider particular projects, geographic locations, or land adjacent to wildlife corridors. Contact us if you would like us to consider revegetating your land.


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