Carbon Offset Australia has chosen the not-for-profit organisation, Desire to Aspire (D2A), as our charity partner. You can find out more about D2A here, who are always in need of support:

The Indigenous workforce that is required to plant millions of trees each year, around Australia, will be provided through D2A’s workforce called Carbon Culture. This workforce is made up of disadvantaged Indigenous people who have multiple barriers to employment and may not be able to obtain employment through mainstream channels. It is a pleasure for Carbon Offset Australia to support D2A and their Carbon Culture workforce by providing long term, sustainable employment opportunities on country through this partnership.

Additionally, Carbon Offsets Australia will be the cornerstone sponsor for D2A’s Driving Force Academy project. This project has the goal of providing 700 drivers licenses to disadvantaged Indigenous youth in WA each year. We strongly believe in the practical and positive outcomes that such a project will have across the Indigenous community in general.

You can get involved in helping D2A by registering to become a volunteer supervised driver. Many disadvantaged Indigenous youth don’t have access to a vehicle or a licensed driver, therefore, D2A has a demand for volunteer drivers with a licensed vehicle to assist in helping the candidates to reach their required number of 50 hours of supervised driving. This is a practical way to give something back to the community if you’re able to do so. It also gives a chance for those people who have wanted to get involved in the Aboriginal community but could never work out how to do so. You are more than welcome, will be greatly appreciated and it is guaranteed you will learn a lot about Aboriginal people and culture in this way.

To register as a volunteer driver, send an email to D2A via the Contact Us page on the website (link above).

Another great way to get involved is to provide a donation to D2A, who don’t receive any grants or funding from Government. Your much needed and very appreciated donation will go towards providing drivers licenses to disadvantaged youth, many of whom will be working for the Carbon Culture workforce once they have obtained their driver’s license. You can donate to D2A here


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