Native Biodiverse Forests

Our Forests are planted on land that is obtained through various instruments, such as:
  • Freehold land owned by Carbon Offsets Australia Pty Ltd
  • Commercial agreements negotiated with lease holders of Aboriginal Lands Trust Leases
  • Commercial agreements negotiated with Pastoral Lease holders
  • Commercial agreements negotiated with Native Title PBC’s
  • Commercial agreements negotiated with farmers who own freehold land
  • Contracts with various Federal and State Government Land Dept’s to rehabilitate parcels of identified land
  • Working in partnership with other environmental companies who have access to large parcels of land needing rehabilitation or regeneration
Our Forests are planted with a wide variety of native species that have been identified as part of the original biodiversity of the areas where we plant our forests. By planting the original native species, it helps to restore the natural biodiversity,
regenerates the damaged soil by bringing back the natural bacteria and nutrients needed to grow forests and improves lost biodiversity. It improves the survival rates of our seedlings and improves the health of our water tables to stop the salt rising to the surface. It also brings back the native wildlife and brings the balance back to the ecosystems that have been decimated by mass land clearing, over farming, synthetic fertilisers and pesticides over many decades.

Our Forests are grown with trees from our own seed bank where we are growing 50 million seedlings under 25 hectares of greenhouse on our Wagin property. Within our feedstock, there is a large variety of over 60 species of natives, so far, that grow across different regions of the Wheatbelt area of WA. This is our main target area to revegetate with native forests, on a large scale, due to mass land clearing and over farming of the area since the 1890’s, which covers an area of 152,862 square kilometres.  

Our rolling feedstock of 50 million seedlings are primarily to accommodate our own offset projects on behalf of our customers but we will also be happy to supply our stock to other revegetation groups who are needing seedlings for their revegetation projects also. It is believed the 25 hectares of 50 million seedlings will be the largest seedbank of native species in Australia, which just happens to be owned by a 100% Indigenous owned business. 


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