Our Impact

Environmental: our projects are addressing the global problem of climate change, mostly due to carbon dioxide levels today are higher than at any point in at least the past 800,000 years. Rising carbon dioxide concentrations, which is a greenhouse gas, is driving global heating, causing the planet to heat up. The degree to which temperatures go up will depend in part on how much more carbon humans release into the atmosphere in the future.

Our large scale revegetation projects, where we plant millions of native trees on mostly degraded land have so many positive attributes like absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, by using native seedlings to revegetate the land, we’re repairing the and returning the natural biodiversity that once thrived in those areas, repairing land affected by rising salinity, desertification, over farming and the like.

Social: as an Indigenous owned company, we hold a strong philosophy to empower disadvantaged Indigenous people through employment, which is not a handout but instead a hand up. Most unemployed people living in poverty have numerous barriers to gaining employment through the mainstream processes. Whereas working for Carbon Offsets Australia, working on land, with no previous skills necessary and no judgements on previous life mistakes, is an opportunity to offer an easy entry into full-time and sustainable jobs.

Our Management have a genuine desire to help our people break the poverty cycle by creating jobs that provide a hard day’s work for a good day’s pay. This is an invaluable tool that empowers the once lost individuals who are carrying the sense of hopelessness into believing they have a future and they are worthy members of society. This shift in the mindset has been proven a powerful tool in improving the mental health and self-esteem of once poverty-stricken people. Earning an income as a contributing member of society has a positive flow on affect to all other individuals around that person, who now has a purpose to their day, an above award-rate income that is not welfare based and a sense of pride that he/she is now a valued member of an important workforce carrying out important work to improve the health of their land and their environment.

Economic: there are so many economic outcomes are that are achieved through our projects, some of which are but not limited to:

  • Carbon Offsets Australia provides our contracting clients and individuals who purchase their carbon offsets though us, a cost-effective solution to their carbon neutral goals
  • We’re assisting our large carbon emitting clients to avoid large Government imposed fines for not meeting carbon emission targets
  • According to the Deloitte Access Economics report, inaction on climate change could cost the Australian economy $3.4 trillion in the lead up to 2070, while the right steps could add nearly $700 billion.
  • Through our Indigenous employment strategies, we are taking people once thought of as tax burdens and turning them into tax contributors which builds financial self-reliance. It also creates a better skilled and motivated Indigenous workforce capable of finding and keeping jobs, upskilling in land or environmental based qualifications, starting businesses and building assets.
  • Providing commercial agreements to Indigenous land holders, based on true cash payments at the front end of those agreements, compared to the usual model of promising the world but delivering nothing that Indigenous people have heard many times before.
  • Providing supply chain opportunities for Indigenous businesses throughout our supply chains from seeds, uniforms, graphic design, filming services, fresh produce supplies for our tourism operations in Wagin, fencing, construction and so much more. Supporting the participation of Indigenous Australians in the economy benefits all Australians.
  • Providing opportunities for Indigenous people involved in Arts and Culture through our tourist operations, such as the amphitheatre for Indigenous performances and commissioned artists for our Art Gallery.




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